Privacy Policy

Vitamin Boat realizes what a sensitive product we have and how your privacy is crucial. Also, in today’s world of spam, fraud, and identity theft, companies like us must take do our part in making our customers feel secure when you do business with us.

Our Privacy Statement should cover any questions you may have concerning your personal information – what we do with it, how we protect it, and the rights that you have.

Customers who use our websites or call our Customer Service Center agree without qualification – or limitation – to be legally bound by the following statement. This is for your protection and ours, so please read carefully. As you know, we are also living in a “sue-happy” world, and we simply must cover ourselves as well. We’ve tried to be as clear as we can so as to not be confusing for our valued customers.

Our Users
We want all of our customers to be legal adults as defined by the United States of America. Those under the age of 18 are respectfully asked not to take part in any of our services and to not send us any personal information.

Our “ideal” customer – strictly from a legal standpoint – is an adult over the age of 18 from the United States. If you are part of the European Unions, we respectfully ask you not to give personal information to Vitamin Boat. The information that we receive is stored on servers in Ohio, USA. Please do not send us any information about yourself unless you consent to United States law concerning all information disclosure contained in our Privacy Statement.

Collecting and Using Your Personal Information
We may collect your personal information that you have provided to us when:
– You order, purchase, exchange products, or request more information regarding our products and services;
– Call our Customer Service Center;
– Browse our websites or register with us on our websites;
– Respond to a survey of ours or engage in a sweepstakes or contest; or
– Give us your written feedback with comments or suggestions.

Additionally, if you provide information to one of our service providers – those companies involved in our marketing, advertising, and e-commerce – we may collect your information.

That should cover all the ways in which Vitamin Boat can collect your personal information.

Shopping With Us
If you purchase a product from one of our websites – or over the phone – we will collect your credit card or debit card information, keeping a history of your purchases. This is important for us and for you. Should you have a dispute over a purchase, this will provide both of us with an efficient way to look at past orders, expediting the process.

Calling Us
Should you decide to return a product, we may ask you to verify much – if not all – of your information before proceeding to protect you against fraud. Our Customer Service Center has highly-skilled operators who are well-versed in the dangers of fraud, so hopefully you will secure in our efforts to protect you.

If you participate in one of our surveys or questionnaires, we may collect your personal information, should you provide it. This goes for sweepstakes and contests as well. We don’t necessarily have ongoing contests, but it’s certainly an option during promotions that can save our customers money. This is all part of marketing and making our products better for you, the customer. During these contests, we may ask you for your permission to send you information in the future regarding new promotions.

More On That
As we mentioned above, marketing is an integral process in providing you with high-quality products, just as your feedback is needed. In the online world, many companies simply cannot maintain a presence without these strategies, as they cannot rely on television commercials to bring their products to you.

In order to communicate with you and let you know what’s happening, we may use the personal information you have given to us – along with public information – and let you know about other products that may suit you. This is not to say that we take any part in “spamming your Inbox”. We don’t like spam, either. However, “Related Products” and offers are, again, necessary in helping businesses thrive online.

But we will not do this without your permission
We will ask you first when you purchase a product or enter a contest.

If you choose to receive such offers but change your mind later, this is no problem. Just take a look at our “Your Privacy Preferences” section of this privacy statement.

Disclosure of Your Information
As mentioned above, Vitamin Boat has relationships with companies that offer similar products and services, as well as their affiliates. Some of these we think you might be interested in. From time to time, we will share information with them regarding customers and trends. Of course, we’d never give them your credit card information. Strictly from a marketing standpoint, they may have products that you will enjoy. And again, we won’t do this without your permission.

Other examples of entities with whom we may share your personal information are: fraud protection / credit risk reduction, payment authorization / processing, product customization, shipping and order fulfillment, marketing and distribution, website evaluation, and data analysis and cleansing organizations.

They are, of course, limited in their access. They can only provide you with offers of their services and will never see your credit card information.

Your address will be shared with the delivery company (the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, etc.) that we use to ship your order. These companies also have strict policies regarding the non-sharing of your information.

Should Vitamin Boat sell or transfer any of our assets, your information may be transferred to the buyer as part of the transaction

Legal Proceedings
If law enforcement requests information from us regarding ongoing investigations. Vitamin Boat shall cooperate fully with the law, releasing your information without your consent. The chances of this happening are slim to none, but in order to protect ourselves, we must make this clear.

Vitamin Boat and its service providers may provide your personal information if requested by a search warrant or any other order which forces us to do so – or to an investigative body in matters of contract breach or the breaking of the law.

Should Vitamin Boat or its service providers face litigation themselves – or be involved indirectly in litigation – we may release personal information to the proper authorities.

Vitamin Boat may also provide personal information to help in collecting debts, should a debt be owed to us.

Your Privacy Preferences
Our promotional e-mails will contain a link you can click to unsubscribe. If you are unable to unsubscribe in this matter, contact us. More on our privacy policy for emails here.

More Information Regarding our Websites
Visitors to our websites may visit and browse without sharing any personal information, in general. Depending upon the method in which you use our sites, the information collected will vary.

As with any other website, when you visit ours, we collect your IP address. Along with this information, we receive data regarding which browser is being used, page requests, operating systems that visit us, as well as time spent on our pages.

Cookies / Tracer Tags
Many of you are familiar with what “Cookies” are in terms of the internet. As with other websites, we send cookies out as well. They are small bits of data sent out that are stored on your computer, allowing us to recognize you when you return to our site. When you get a login prompt or are on a customizable page of ours, you are required to have cookies “enabled” in your browser settings.

The cookies tell us who you are (in terms of your previous use of our sites), allow us to access your account information, and allow us to customize our sites to be more appropriate for you, based on your preferences.

Cookies are needed when desiring to add more than one item to your online shopping cart as well.

One or more of our websites at any given time may use “Tracer Tags”. Tracer Tags (or “Clear GIFs” and “Web Beacons”) tell us which pages on our sites you visit. As with cookies, these bits of information we receive allow us to optimize your browsing experience with us, as well as for future users.

Personal Information Security
We use technical, physical, and administrative techniques and safeguards to protect your personal information, preventing unauthorized access, usage, disclosure, and modification. We maintain tight security and control of all your information. Nothing in the online world is 100% “safe”, but we feel we operate on the highest standard. When possible, we ask our third-party entities to practice these same safeguards.

We use remarketing to market our sites across the web. We place a cookie on a browser, and then a 3rd party reads these cookies and may serve an ad on a 3rd party site. You may opt out of this ad serving on each ad networks opt out page.

Security of Shopping With Us
We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology when orders are placed on our websites, and everything is transmitted through it. SSL technology encrypts your order through your browser before it gets delivered to our secure server. SSL is an industry standard, and is seen everywhere online. Its purpose is to prevent anyone other than us from viewing your personal information. If your browser does not support this high level of security, you will not be able to purchase any products from us over your computer.

Outside Links
This privacy statement applies only to our websites. As with other sites online, you may see advertisements or links for other sites displayed on our pages. Or privacy policy simply cannot cover those sites, as they are not ours. Be aware of other companies’ privacy policies before you give them your personal information.

Modification of Our Privacy Policy
As the internet changes, we may need to return to our privacy policy and modify it to further protect you and ourselves. Laws also change, and we may need to change our policy in order to comply with them. Should anything change, we will let you know in a specific area in this page. We may also make an announcement on our websites, so keep an eye out for that.

Contact Us
If you have any questions about this privacy policy or your personal information, please contact us at